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The White Bunny

You would think you just saw an aircraft on four wheels that escaped NASA headquarters upon seeing JJ’s Toyota FRS.

Take a second look and you’ll see a carefully designed widebody Rocket Bunny kit complemented with a set of one-off Volk TE37’s.

Throughout the shoot, JJ told us that he had bought the FRS as a reliable car but had ideas on building another car for track purposes.

As some time went by, he looked into different modifications that could be done to the FRS and ran into the world famous Rocket Bunny kit.

This is when JJ decided that he wanted his daily to stand out from the crowd. 

Eventually his mind evolved into slowly building it for time attack but also keeping it reliable for the time being.

JJ plans on participating in more “show” related events until he is set on the rest of the build with motor and more suspension upgrades.

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