Root Beer in Square Cups

The 2016 season has begun and all we can say is “what the deuce?!?”  I don’t know whether to compare the XXX Root Beer Import Meet to the Louvre or some indecent place but the dopamine is flowing.

Normally, at PantyHeist, we’ve seen our fair share of cars and can keep our composure but the XXX Meet just shattered all that.  So instead of trying to contain ourselves, we’re just going to let this article go wild.

The event pretty much started on the freeway where we encountered some incredible cars.

And we saw some familiar faces like this Datsun Z who regularly attends Portland's weekly RDM meet.

The weather didn't hold but that didn't stop some pretty crazy cars from coming out.

Along the way, we also saw this unique 240 sporting canards, a red front mount intercooler, and an RB20.

Pictures are worth a thousand words but there are no words in the English dictionary to describe this.

You are feasting your eyes on a modern day Picasso’s Guernica, aka, the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia.  Not everyone can find the logic to buy a Ferrari and dump more money to Liberty Walk it.  But hey, Picasso had his crazy ideas and look at where he is now. To those who creates such a masterpiece, we salute you.

In addition to the 458, we also saw genealogically, the mother of all Godzilla's, the Hakosuka Skyline.  It looks like it's rolling on Watanabes, which definitely adds a nice touch.

XXX Root Beer is a family owned restaurant in Issaquah, Washington that host an incredible number of car shows including the annual Import Meet.  A former chain, only two XXX Root Beer restaurant remains.  The other, located in Indiana, shares the same history as this one, but is no longer affiliated to one another.

The 2016 season came out of nowhere and exploded out of the gates.  Even days after the event, there are just no words to describe the shock and excitement of this magnitude.  We're all excited to see the cars of 2016.  2016, let's go!



Photos by: Jacob Pina
Written by: Raymond Chiu


Author’s note:  The title of this article is the mathematical solution to make root beer alcoholic.  You square the root beer by pouring it into a square cup.  The square and the root cancels out leaving you beer.  Ha!

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