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Portland International Auto Show 2014

In the world of automotive modifications, we sometimes get lost in the realm of performance parts. So for this article, we will take a step back from aftermarket enhancements and look at the innovations from our OEM counterparts.

We kick off the car season with the Portland International Auto Show where manufacturers get to boast their latest and greatest ideas. And with competition all striving to win your business, there’s no lack of creativity.

We start off with a BMW i3 where they took sustainability to the max with a wooden dashboard and natural fiber door cards.

While we’re in the realm of BMW’s, the M6 now comes in four doors and the one series is now called the two.

More and more high-end manufacturers are evolving to digital dashes. This Escalade took this to the extremes and converted all of its dash space to a digital display.

Yes, this picture is of a Lincoln MKZ but you can’t deny their ingenuity of a fully retractable glass roof.

Although the main course of this show is OEM cars, the aftermarket industry also made a strong appearance.

This interior is from Dirt Fish’s 2.5rs.

This GT-R is sporting some Volk TE37’s. That’s an interesting combination; but looking closer at the details, the 1500 hp Nissan was built for drag. So the smaller wheel and fat tires works well for its purpose.

This Lexus has no clearance whatsoever.

Although lots of people do come to this show to look at trunk spaces, the number of cup holders and other OEM amenities, the fact that manufacturers embrace the aftermarket culture is a great thing. Drag racers, drifters, restorers, van gawkers, and car buyers gathering in the same building to share their passion and knowledge for everything automotive is what the Portland International Auto Show is all about.

It has consistently been an amazing experience every year and this was no exception.

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