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A Lazy Weekend in Portland

The northwest is known for the wet and gloomy weather but when the sun does come out, the cars do too.  Portland has two major weekly gathering, Cars and Coffee in Lake Oswego and the Red Door Meet east of the river.

Saturday morning, all the affluent enthusiasts gather in a town with a status to match.  There were a plethora of Vipers parked along side with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins, and Rolls Royce’s.

Rare cars were also present like the slant nose Porsche and the Volvo 1800ES hatchback.

There were modified cars too but included BMW’s and Mini’s.

Here, their cars are their status symbols.  Each one is immaculate and done with class and style.  This event is very fitting for the luxurious suburb.

Day Two - Sunday.

Leaving the ritzy city of Lake Oswego, we head to a warehouse neighborhood with dusty windows and aged roads.  The sun sets and the cars come out filling the streets with BOV stutters and exhaust growls.  The car scene flips a 180.  There were also some cars that seemed to belong at Cars and Coffee, and a handful were indeed there but this gathering is for a different crowd.

Roof rack sported a shopping cart with a sign thanking the customer for returning it, cambers impossibly negative, and so much sticker bomb that it looks like an adhesive war zone.

This is a world of LS1 swapped RX-7’s, rear bumper diffusers, and fender mirrors.


Not to mention bold displays of intercoolers.


Out of all the cars there, I think this one stole the show.


The wrap was done so well that everyone thought it was paint.

The details of this car is just incredible.

This car also made it to my list of personal favorites.

Regardless of the events, people are eager to share their pride and enjoyment with you.  You throw a question to the wind and strangers are excited to respond back.  Regardless whether you are staring at an immaculate Ferrari or a track-purpose S13, the people next to you are simply great.

From dawn to dusk, exclusive suburbs to the warehouse neighborhood, the streets of Portland are filled with the culture of everything automotive.  Thanks for the warm chats and we’ll definitely be back.

Until next time,


Photos by: Raymond Chiu
Written by: Raymond Chiu

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