Two Days in the Smoke

There’s something to say about competition; it brings out the best in us. Drivers from all over the Northwest pits their skills amongst each other from California to Canada and over to Utah at PARC Fest, the two day annual event in Canby, Oregon.


This leaves us with no shortages of amazing shots.


Aside from the classic drift cars, many drivers opted for something more distinctive.


The creativity are endless, like this turbo Jaguar XJ6.


And some people even drift cars that I would personally baby.


Like this Cefiro. I have no idea how this person acquired it but mad props to him for actually throwing it

around out there.

 And did I mention it was a smoke filled weekend?

It was incredible seeing creativity and talent come together. I can’t wait to see what the drivers have in stored for us next year.


Till then,




Written by: Raymond Chiu

Photos by: Raymond Chiu

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