Grounded with NASA

In this article, we wander off the the drifting path to check out a different side of the automotive sphere.

NASA, the National Auto Sport Association comes to Portland for a two day run at PIR.  This organization helps take everyday enthusiast to a new world, the world of racing.

In this world, drivers will encounter other drivers with varying skill level and cars ranging from a Civic to a Caterham 7.

Drivers move up to a more competitive division as they level up.

This organization is so dedicated to putting everyday enthusiasts onto the track that they even have their own pace car and emergency vehicle.

But enough with the organization, let’s check out what they brought to the track.


It’s great that an organization help enthusiasts take their passion to the track.  As seen on the track many times over, they are welcoming to anyone who has speed running through their hearts.

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Written by Raymond Chiu

Photos by Raymond Chiu and Jacob Pina

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