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Dreams with a Briefcase

Spacing off in class with a blank mind, your thoughts somewhere in the ocean of imagination of sorts. Your brain replays gleams, like flying through a course in a bright red Ferrari Indy car at speeds of over 200 mph or rallying through some of the ugliest terrains on mother earth. Paying attention is the last thing to catch your focus. I feel like all real automotive enthusiasts can relate. It was our dream growing up as that little boy to become a race car driver. However, chances are it never seems to work out  unless you’re Brody Goble. Brody lives the life many of us would dream of living. Testing out new Ferrari's, racing Ford Mustang Boss 302's, and competing in full SCCA National campaign series. However, there is only one bit that doesn't make sense. What's with the 240?

Well, Brody has been drifting since 2008. He originally started at the grassroots level like most with a Nissan 240sx and an RB20DET engine. At his first competition, he qualified first out of 18 drivers. That is amazing because Brody’s first competition happened to be the first time he had ever drifted and the first time he has driven the car that was built for him. From then on, he was hooked.

The car you see now is Brody’s new chassis for 2014. Drifting has always been about style and Brody's new car is nothing short of it. Many hard to find pieces make this “Mona Lisa” stand out, such as the extremely rare Rocket Bunny Version 2 kit and the Road Runner style.

Wait a second? This intake looks like it's in the wrong place.

That’s because it is. The Nissan’s power plant is a big block Chevy LSX Engine. When I asked Brody "why V8?," I could tell he did his research. He simply answered, "why not, why re-invent the wheel." He was once told that you can either be a scientist or a driver and Brody chose a driver every time. The LSX motor has loads of response; it's nearly a 13:1 compression and 406 ci. To make this thing even more responsive, he added a lightweight McLeod twin disk clutch and Dog Box gearbox.  This thing is a monster with 700 hp at the flywheel and only weighing 2500 lbs.

Brody would like to thank everyone who surrounds him and has always been very supportive.

Thank you very much to ...

Car builder and crew chief William Bowering of the Independent Speed Shop | Lucas Oil | Brown Bros. Ford | Morrisport Advanced Driving | ASD | Adidas | Nissanparts | Achilles Radial | Rayco Auto | GoPro | Bizzib Design | The Driveshaft Shop | SBC Graphics | AWS Graphics | Seibon Carbon

So what are Brody’s plans for the future? He certainly has his eyes set on running Formula Drift when all the stars align. Currently, it is difficult to get away from work for a week+ at a time which would be necessary to properly run an event in FD. Brody says, once he gets "life" dialed in, It will happen and hopefully when it does, it'll make a big splash.


Photos by Yev Vasilyuk
and Yerem Saribekian

Written by Yev Vasilyuk

Edited by Raymond Chiu

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