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Flying with the Winged Lion

It's a common misconception that the emblem of the Toyota Soarer is a Griffin. And it's even less common that you see this emblem passing you while riding on the grille of a Z20 Soarer.

This is the story of Cam Karr's Z20 Toyota Soarer.

Many of us are familiar with the Z30 Lexus SC300 and 400 but Japan has been building them since the early 80's.  The car is usually powered by either a 2.0L 1G or a 3.0L 7M engine.  Cam's car?  1G-GTE inline 6 turbo.

Why did you go with the Soarer?

I used to have an SC300 and like any other person, they research the Japanese model of their car. I instantly fell in love with the second gen soarer and decided that one day I would own one.

How did you acquire it?

I bought the car from an importer out of SW Washington. It had spent some time in Australia before coming to the US.

What is it like driving an imported car around for a daily?

I enjoy it. It can be nerve-racking at times with traffic but the odd looks people give you is priceless.

Is it hard driving a RHD?

Driving a RHD car isn't any harder then your typical LHD car. Just remembering the hand controls are reversed in the beginning can be tough but like anything else, your body has a natural learning curve.

Do you get responses as if it was a supercar?

Sometimes, I receive tons of praise on how "clean" the car is but I'm a nitpicker and remain stuck on the faults. Haha!

The most common response I get is, "it has been a long time since I've seen one of these." But I think we all know the true answer to that statement.

Do you plan on doing anything else?

I plan on probably changing up the wheels and ride height soon.

Big plans? Small plans?

I can only hope for big plans in the future but at the same time, I don't want to ruin the factory beauty of it.

Is it going to be a show car or will it see track days in the future?

I'm really going for a clean street car look; nothing too far out there.

1G with 1JZ CT12 turbo
Bored 1G CT12 compressor housing
Front mount intercooler
ECU tune
HKS exhaust

Stance and Stops
Lowering springs with KYB Excel G Struts
17x9.5 Work VS-XX wrapped in Federal 595
Front drilled rotors

Blitz gauge set
Blitz SBC i-Color boost controller
Steering wheel quick release hub

Any other unique cars in the future for you?

I really like to get a Nissan Sunny truck or a JZX90!

Owner: Cam Karr
Photos by: Jacob Pina, Raymond Chiu
Written by: Raymond Chiu


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