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My Fair Lady is Not So Genteel

Two years ago, Brett Williams was drifting a 240sx.  Two laps into his first track outing, his car broke down.  He swore he will never drift again.  This is now 2015 and Brett is rocking a 350z with a bash bar, hydraulic ebrakes, and an exhaust coming out of the front of his hood.

Why did you choose the 350z?

Simply because the way the market was going for the 240's.  Why buy something and spend that same amount of money on modification in order to build a drift car when you can buy one that's pretty much stock and performs better and more reliable than a sup'ed up 240.  That's the basic reason why.

When he first saw it, Brett and his wife, Jessica, had some reserves.  But after some contemplation, Brett texted an offer to the seller and was accepted.

The car was in rough condition.  The driver side rear quarter panel was caved in.  So naturally, the wide body kit was the first modification.  Then the story took off.

Tell us about this car.

It's a 2003 350z.  It should be a base model because the track edition has Brembo.  I bought a turbo kit that was supposed to be ready to go bolt-on but of course I ended up replacing every part of it except for the Holset turbo.  The turbo was mounted right next to the headlights so I needed to buy an aftermarket radiator, which then led to the front bash bar to house the radiator, front mount intercooler, and the oversized power steering cooler.

It was a track build, so naturally I didn't want to put in the extra effort into locating the turbo where it needed to be and then to build an exhaust system for it.  So we put it where it was nice and clean and ran the exhaust straight out of the hood, which works out pretty well.  It doesn't sound too bad and it doesn't get too much stuff into the car.

What are you future plans for this car?

This is my first drift car build.  I had a long talk with SV Performance about my future in drifting.  I was thinking I might actually switch up the platform to a G35 sedan and do more of a Chris Forsberg M car style.  This will be a little bit less driven for competition and more for pure fun so I can stick four racing seats in that thing and a roll cage and give everybody joy every lap.  I can give three people a ride-along instead of just one.  So that's probably going to be my next move.

I grew up with muscle cars so naturally my father would be really excited if I put in an LS T56 combo into the G35 and I think I would also like this the best as well.  I can be of similar horsepower but a little bit more reliable and a little more torque.  There's something about a V8 that people hate but I like it.


417 whp, 383 ft-lbs of torque at the wheel
Holset single turbo
Custom hot pipes
Plenum spacer
GTR injectors
Osiris ECU tune
Custom radiator
XSPower FMIC with SV Performance intercooler piping
Turbosmart UltraGate at 7lbs of boost
Oil pan spacer
SV Performance catch can
SV Performance intake
Powersteering cooler
Aeromotive fuel pump 


Katana 18x9.5 - 7 wheels
25mm spacers
Raceland Coilovers
SPC front camber arms
SPC rear toe arms
SPC rear camber arms
SPC rear bucket delete arms
Eibach sway bars
CircuitSports inner tie rods 


Powered by MAX hydro brakes with reverse mount and SV hardlines
Wilwood proportioning valve


Front bash bar
VIS Do Luck replica wide body kit (fenders only) 


Sparco Evo 2 Plus seats with harnesses
Megan racing brackets
Greddy boost gauge
NRG steering wheel

I like to thank my wife and my family.  Thank you to Jacob Pina.  And to Oscar and Scott from SV performance for all the help given to me.   Thanks to Chris and Lisa at PARC, Jenny at Jim Bacon's Tire Factory.  No Technique guys Nick and Austin, Stephen from TeamPartyCat, the drifting community and fans.

Owner: Brett Williams
Photo by: Jacob Pina
Written by: Raymond Chiu

Teaser video
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