Texas Bull Riding

Two incredible feats happened Saturday February 21, 2015.  Feat number one, David P. was the first to correctly identify the blurred car in the teaser picture posted on PantyHeist’s Facebook in the same hour that the picture went online.

Feat two, the affluence from all over America shipped their whip to Circuit of the Americas and raced balls out on Formula 1's newest track.  This event, known as Bull Run, is a two-day charity to benefit Hotels for Hope and the Austin Firefighters Outreach Fund.


This event wasn’t only restricted to bulls either.  There were spotting of prancing horses and a Godzilla.  It is a great sight to see exotics being driven the way they were built.


While the race was going on, there was also a car show which featured some cars that were rarer than a slab of cow, like this Lamborghini LM002.


Check out the glass works on this Aventador.

And this was David's guess, the Gallardo.

Although the rich raced around Texas's prestigious track in their exotic cars, at the end of the day, the less fortunately truly benefited.


Hotels for Hope, an organization that aims to improve the lives of children worldwide, is the first charity Bull Run benefited.  It's an organization that donates some of their proceeds from room bookings to less fortunate kids.  Some of the programs they have already funded include the arts program, humanitarian aid, education, and health.

The Austin Firefighters Outreach Fund is a local charity that has a true no operational cost model.  The proceeds will go towards Austin firefighters and other public safety employees and their families who have suffered a major injury or illness.  Every single dollar earned will go straight to the ones in need.


Austin, Texas is a wonderful city with the friendliest car fans.  It’s not ordinary to grab lunch with a total stranger you swapped your lens with and then start another conversation with another stranger sitting at the same table.  But earlier, you struck a conversation with another stranger and apparently this stranger is friends with the stranger sitting at the same table.  This may sound confusing but when you start talking to this many strangers and they talk to others too, there’s a small community of spectators that just developed.  In any case, a stranger I called Scott, thank you for sharing your lens and good luck with your photography endeavors.


Cheers to that, 



Photos by: Raymond Chiu

Written by: Raymond Chiu

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