Not Your Average Root Beer Float

As a Portland-based company, we followed the journey of Oregonian enthusiasts making their way up to Issaquah, Washington for the XXX Import Meet.

3 am, alarm goes off.  We did our bathroom duties and went to meet the 40-car caravan at Cascade Station, the edge of Oregon before crossing into Washington.

The Portland group has the most sophisticated caravan we’ve seen to date.

The lead cars kept an eye out for cops and everyone was connected through walkie talkie apps.  We made sure people with car troubles got help.

8 am.  We arrive to XXX Rootbeer Drive-In restaurant, where they hosted one of the largest meets in the northwest.

Cars gathered from all over the Pacific Rim to continue this 4,000+ attendee tradition.

Obviously, this diner isn’t able to house everyone and so it overflowed to the streets and neighboring businesses.

XXX Rootbeer and cars have a long history together.  It is known to host many meets and today is no different.

Cars started gathering at this restaurant in the 1950's and 60's and hasn't slowed down since.  What begun as a major chain across the US has dwindled to two XXX left.  Luckily, the only west coast restaurant left is still around and is still a big fan of cars.

And what's great about hosting a meet so close to the Canadian border is incorporating all the international cars.

Some people bash on Honda's but many of them are done real well, like this ED3 Civic.

There were many more cars than there were cameras and we only showed a drip of what was at the meet.  It was great to see familiar and different faces alike.  The northwest has always been a car meet that welcomes you with open arms and this event is no different.  Thank you for the root beers and your crazy traditions.

Until next time,



Photos by: Jacob Pina
Written by: Raymond Chiu


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