Java in the City

Just like many of the Cars and Coffee we attended, our journey to the San Francisco chapter takes us out of the city and to the middle of the bay called Treasure Island.  This is a city of hella's, lane splitting, and one of the most stringent automotive laws in the new colony.  But somehow manages to throw a meet that took over multiple parking lots and onto the grass.

One tough restriction for Californians is that engines must be OEM.  This stifled creativity but enthusiasts found other ways to improve lap times.  Drastic weight reduction and roll cages are common here.

Some enthusiasts choose to differentiate themselves through rare and unique cars, like this Campagna T-Rex 14R.

It's pretty much a motorcycle.  It has a swingarm and a shifter to control the sequential gearbox.  This one also sports a Two-Brothers motorcycle exhaust.

We also spotted a seriously clean right hand drive Nissan Bluebird with what appears to be Watanabes.

San Francisco also has a lot of wealth, and this shows.

One even sports a Koenigsegg Agera R.

The picture below is probably one of the best displays of craftsmanship - a Mini Cooper with what appears to be a K20 engine.

S2000 with a monster ProCharger.  Need I say more?

This car brought my inner child out - a Project D RX-7.

Even the paint job is so animated, it feels like a San Diego Comic Con.

All the while sporting MazdaSpeed MS-02's.

San Francisco, even though under one of the union's toughest car restrictions, it somehow manages to have one of the craziest Cars and Coffee's.  I have yet been to a place where a Koenigsegg shared the same lot with a K20 Mini, which also shared the same lot with an Initial D replica.  Cultures from Rat Rods, to track cars, to classics, to exotics, to lowriders, to show cars all converge onto a quaint town to exchange their passion of everything automotive.  Events like this brings the old to the young, and the affluent to the commoners.  Cheers to the bay area for this crazy cup of java.


Photos by: Raymond Chiu
Written by: Raymond Chiu


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