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Three Sylvias and a Taylor

In the male dominate car world, it is very difficult to find girls who enjoy cars as much as their testosterone counterparts.  However, they do exist, and moreover, they are S14 owners.

Name: Taylor D.
Nickname: No cool ones
Hometown: Portland,OR
 Car: 95 Nissan 240sx (Hello Kitty bow)
Enhancements: sr20det, coilovers, wheels, Instant Gentleman aero, and miscellaneous interior add-ons for a more individualistic style
Hobbies: Marcus, car modification, being crafty, and trash talking

Name: Sylvia G.
Nickname: To many to list
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Car: 95 240sx (purple decal)
Enhancements: sr20det, coilovers, Work wheels, personal concoction of aero pieces, random pink add-ons
Hobbies: dressing up and displaying her car, consuming alcohol, phone activities

What are three words best describes your car and why?

Hello kitty, purple, and #marcuslikesboys.
Hello kitty is cute and I've accented it with a lot of purple. And my favorite sticker is #marcuslikesboys ... No really

Clean, sexy, and mine.

Because Leila is pretty clean and sexy for how old she is (factory paint) and she's all mine.


What was your car built for?

I don't think my car is built for anything special other than me.

To break necks.

How did you get into cars?

I met Marcus in February 2011 and experienced drifting for the first time. I hardly even knew how to drive a 5-speed.  I got hooked after seeing the different mods.

My dad. I grew up helping him in his garage, building his classics, and going to car shows and meets.

Why did you choose this platform for your build?

I didn't base it on what was cool or what was better but instead on what was practical for me. I wasn't even close to considering a motor swap but since my KA was going dead, I just went for it.
I think stock s14's are UGLY.

Anything that catches my eye and heart is what I go with. I searched all over the states for a clean slate to work with.  It took me a month to find and get it.


Who would you like to thank?

My mom for helping me get the car. Marcus for helping me make the car mine and teaching me. And of course PH for doing the awesome shoot on Sylvia and I and giving us the opportunity to get our cars out there.

I'd like to thank my parents for always cheering me on with everything I do to my car. My wonderful best friend/boyfriend Tony for his love,  blood, sweat, and tears he has put into Leila. He has been by my side and supported me through everything.  And I want to give a loud shout out to my sponsor, Sinister Tattoo Studio for believing in me. If you're feeling for some ink, hit them up! 

PH would like to thank Taylor and Sylvia for the awesome shoot and their support.

Written by: Yerem Saribekian

Edited by: Raymond Chiu

Photos by:

Alex Serna
Yev Vasilyuk
Yerem Saribekian


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