If We Live in a Nissan World ...

Early Sunday morning, two types of car enthusiasts converge to the Evergreen Speedway venue - Nissan enthusiasts and the motoring home exposition visitors.  Although it was a tough decision, I have chosen to turn left towards the Nissan Fest.

The Nissan community is very inclusive so a "Nissan World" will most likely include other manufacturers.

Although the bipolar weather has made me change camera settings excessively,

I managed to pull off a couple of good shots.

Yes, I know that I am presenting to you with lots of Skylines but their beauty just cannot be denied.Moreover, a four door version is a rare sighting in the US.

I don't know why but this is one of my all-time favorite shots - a pair of Z's.

I have most certainly made the proper decision to visit Nissan Fest.

Just like all of the car communities that I have visited thus far, everybody was really chill and enthusiastic to talk about their work.

The majority of these owners are young adults that made fiduciary sacrifices to uphold their passion.  With all these hard work that goes into each machine, it's nice to have an event that everyone can take some time to stop and gander at all things automotive.  So in terms of cars, it's polite to stare.  But don't take it outside of the automotive scope though; I can't be responsible for a hand mark across one of my reader's face.

This is Raymond figuratively signing out.

Written by: Raymond Chiu

Photos by: Raymond Chiu


  • Imad

    Hello Daryl!! You really foollw the blog sia!! Hahaha! Yup, amazing location, super romantic and ideal spot for couples to go for honeymoon! Work for free? So tempting Hahaha! I’ll rope you in if there’s a next time for trips like this!

  • Baishakhi

    How is it that two of my favorite pepole are friends and many states away!? Julie, and Psalm, you guys both look outstanding! Nice work on both of your sides. I saw your pics, Julie, on Psalm’s website and I was stunned too I hope you are well and I hope I can see you soon!t.

  • jim

    I love this shitt

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