San Francisco International Auto Show

Each year, the International Auto Show makes its round to different cities to celebrate all things automotive.  For the next two weeks, it will be in the heart of downtown San Francisco showcasing their 2016 top manufacturer cars and notable works from enthusiasts.

One exciting car to come out this year is the Lexus GS-F.  It sports the same stacked exhaust tip as the IS-F and RC-F.  The car pushes out 467 hp and 389 ft lb of torque from a 5.0L V8.  Admittedly, this is substantially lower than the BMW M5, E63 AMG, and the CTS-V but nonetheless, it will be a refreshing sight on the road.

From looking at the GS-F, it looks like the Toyota research and development department is wavering a bit but the car below paints a different picture.

Introducing the Toyota Marai, a hydrogen powered car that emits water as waste.  It is already on sale since October 21, 2015, the date at which Marty McFly arrived from Back to the Future.  The car takes roughly five minutes to fill and the only hydrogen stations are located in California but this may be the next game changer like the Prius.

Below are some other cars you may see on the roads of the future.

The fourth generation Mazda Miata.  The car above has a manual retractable roof, which I strangely prefer over electronic ones.

Jaguar F-Pace, their crossover.

And this new Prius sporting a redesigned taillight.

I know that the FR-S/BRZ has been out for a couple years now but I still immensly appreciate how they designed the oil filter to be easily accessible unlike every other car out there.

There are also cars that you probably won't see on the road like this Martini Porsche 918.

This car looks like it came straight out of Monopoly and onto the showroom.

This has probably been one of the cleanest R32's I've seen.

It's interesting how the standard RC has fins on the rear bumper making it look more aggressive and the RC-F doesn't.

There are many cars that are very impressive, but this one takes the cake, a RX-7 with a turbo'ed S2000 motor.  I don't know its past but none of that matters except what's present here.

Although many International Auto Show flaunts the same 2016 models regardless of the cities that host the event, it is the enthusiasts that gives the region the style and story of the automotive culture.  This is no exception here in SF.  From the people of the Academy of Arts University to the Aston Martin Owner's Club to individual enthusiasts, they made this show a San Francisco Auto Show.  Regardless of how many International Auto Shows you've attended, this one is a must visit.

Until next time, cheers.


Photos by: Raymond Chiu
Written by: Raymond Chiu


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