Rally in the Square

Days before the big race, the drivers of Rally America competing at Oregon Trail Rally came to visit weekday shoppers at Pioneer Square.

Indeed, there were a lot of shoppers.

And what better way to draw a crowd is to have Ken Block sign autographs on the roof of his Ford Fiesta.

Although Block formed the longest line and his Fiesta has enough characteristics to write a trilogy, there were many other cars that are attention thieves.

Like this Evo with an absurd amount of traits.

The wheel well protrudes out aggressively without any regards to the styling.

The roof scoop also makes a bold statement lurking out above the stereotypical flushed placement.

A rally event isn’t official without the signature excessive headlights.

And there were many.

Classics also participated like this Saab 96.

This has been an amazing experience by being surrounded with thick treaded tires, exaggerated handbrakes, and friendly people.  Their shopping may have been extended, but it is a delay worth experiencing.

This is Raymond, figuratively signing out.  Until next time, cheers.


Written by: Raymond Chiu

Photos by: Raymond Chiu

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