A Walk in the PARC


Once a month, drivers with varying skill level and and wheel color gather at a go kart track to slide around until their tires surrender.

During the short lifespan of a drift tire, amazing skills and fire demonstration have been manifested.

A 2JZ and a RX7 isn’t required to pull moves like these, but having the combination does makes it much more extravagant.

There’s no better way to spend Mother’s Day weekend than drifting an elegant car with exuberant passengers.

Crazy engine swaps filled the paddock and the track, like this supercharged 1UZ Cressida.

And the fire demonstration.

Pat Acres is definitely not your ordinary go-kart track.  keep burning away those treads because I will definitely be back.

This is Raymond, figuratively signing out.



Written by: Raymond Chiu

Photo by:
Raymond Chiu
Yerem Saribekian

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