The Art of Stance

Stance Wars has set the bar to a new level by hosting their event in a parking garage of Bellevue College.  The walls and ceilings reverberated as BOV’s spewed air over the sea of low humming mufflers.  Over a hundred cars stacked five stories high, a bit of every car culture showed up for the event.

Starting from the bottom, random assortment of cars filled the vacant spots with the ever-so-popular reversed parking.

Cars that would never have been considered as alterable by the car community has been modified, like this Jaguar X-Type.

The green on this Mustang is so incredibly striking that it deserves an honorable mention.

And another honorable mention goes to Lucas for such a clean and distinct Corolla.

Going from the mid floors to the top, the atmosphere completely changes.  Parking lines become mere suggestions and the technical enthusiasts become admirers.

And the DJ converted the top floor from a car gathering to a night club.

It is a rare occasion that a fully restored first generation Mini goes to the same event as a cambered RSX but Stance Wars has done just that.  They have broken down borders and brought the car community a little bit closer together.


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Written by: Raymond Chiu

Photo by: Raymond Chiu

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