Epic Bashing: Bash to the Future

Location:  Jackson County Speedway ....... Medford,Oregon

Date: June 8th, 2013

As drifting grows on the west coast; myself and the other PantyHeist photographers are constantly keeping our ears open and eyes peeled for different events we can participate at.


When learned about Medford's "Bash to the Future" event being held by long time photographers Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala  from Tandem of Die we knew we had to show up to shoot this event.



Upon arriving to the track; some of the top dogs had already pulled their cars out of the trailers .

Hey look, our sticker on Dio's car.


There was a wide range of drivers attending from southern California to Arizona all the way up the boarder of Canada 

Knew there was going to be some epic tire slaying going on as soon as the roar from Hert's V8 swapped wide body FC Rx7 was heard!


The day was hot and the track got hotter but putting the camera down was not an option.


There was too much Epic Bashing going on with runs from some of the most talented that reside along the West Coast.


Just a couple of Hoonigan's going at it.

Want to give a personal shout out to Kyle Strker and the other drivers for the awesome ride alongs.

Even got a chance to peep at this s13 chassis.  Which was a few cuts away from being a truck. Different; but awesome!


Written by: Yerem Saribekian

Photos by: Yerem Saribekian

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