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Tandem of Heist

If you've ever googled "stance" or "liked" a photo of a lowered car on any of your social media news feeds, then chances are you've heard of "Tandem of Die."

Over time, evolving into some of the most iconic pair of cars coming out of the states are Justin Shreeve's and Joe Ayala's S13's of Tandem of Die.

Here's some insight on their thoughts upon creating a couple of cars with much character.

Name: Justin Shreeve
Nickname: Shreeve, Shreeveco
Hometown: Medford, OR
Hobbies: Skateboarding, Drifting, Driving simulators

Name: Joe Ayala
Nickname: The Brown One
Hometown: Medford, OR
Hobbies: Drifting, Basektball, Rock Climbing, Videogames

How did Tandem of Die start and what does it stand for?

Is the secret out about this yet, Joe? Should we say?

I supposed we could say. It started with a typo when I messaged Shreeve about 3 years ago. I meant to write Tandem or Die and misspelled it. The joke kind of just stuck.

What were your cars built for?

Justin: I built my car as an affordable way to have fun on and off the track. It started with autocross and quickly evolved to drifting with the start of the Drift Evolution series in Medford, Oregon in the Summer of 2008.

Joe: At first I really wanted a super clean car that always looked good and that drove super well. After going through so many changes and hitting lots of stuff, I kind of forgot about the "look good" part. It may again. At least my car drives well.

What was it that got you got into this?

Justin: I started drifting because during autocross, my favorite moments were those when I would use too much throttle on corner exits. As soon as I found out it was a thing, I had to be a part of it. Little known fact - before I bought my (then bone stock) Nissan in 2007, during a solo test drive, I kicked the clutch in a nearby parking lot. It was my first experience with a small, RWD platform and I immediately fell in love. I went straight to the bank to get a whopping $1700 loan.

Joe: Back in 06, I had some friends who got into drifting, and that’s back when I was driving an RSX, after seeing how much fun they were having I decided to sell my car and get a RWD platform.

What was the hardest part of the builds?

Justin: The hardest of part of my build was the 1JZ swap. Up until then, I'd done all the work on the car, but when it came to cross breeding, wiring, and tuning, I handed it over to the experts at Portland Speed Industries. It was hard waiting for parts and traveling too much to have a heavy hand in the swap. I put a lot of trust in those guys and they came through. I can't thank them enough.

Joe: Maybe cutting the rear fenders to fit the overfenders. It’s just really hard to do that to a car when it looks good how it is.


Why did you choose to go with this platform for the builds?

I originally wanted an S13, because my very good friend, Josh Pean, convinced me that they were cool and to find one in good condition was nearly impossible. When I saw that for sale sign, I went in for the kill. I was doing it for the thrill. I'm hoping you'll understand.

Well, before my S13, I tried to build an FC. It was the most difficult car I've ever owned. I heard great things about 240's and how easy they were to work on so after about a year of working on it and never driving it, I decided to sell it and get my hatch.

What are three words that could describe your cars and why?

Low, loud, and fun. There are many key elements to a rad car, but the most important to me are low and fun. Mine just happens to be loud as a result of making it more fun.

Joe: Thirsty Ratchet Hoe.

Who would you like to thank / mention in our article?

Justin: I am obviously very grateful to anyone who has chosen to sponsor the build, like Xcessive Manufacturing, Factory83, Portland Speed Industries, Bigger Hammer, NOS Energy, Mark Panic, Enjuku Racing, etc, but what it really comes down to is the hands-on help of family and friends. The feature in Import Tuner accidentally left out the immense thank you to my parents, siblings and close friends who come out to every event and bring food, help change tires, and even help swap a tie rod or seven. As cheesy as it sounds though, my biggest thanks goes to my girlfriend of six years, Katelyn Monaco. She puts up with all the spending and worst of all, the frustration and disappointment associated with doing things to cars that shouldn't be done. She's the best.

Joe: I'm very grateful to all of my sponsors through the years; Nitto Tire, Factory83, Abercrombie MotorSports, Bigger Hammer Auto Body & Paint, Enjuku Racing, Era1, Attack Works, and Portland Speed Industries. All my friends and family who've helped my throughout the years and to my wife, Brooke Ayala who's tolerated my love for drifting/car stuff


 We at PantyHeist would like to personally thank Justin & Joe for helping us bring our viewers some insight on their cars and backgrounds.

Photos By: Yerem Saribekian
Written By: Yerem Saribekian


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