"Dropping More Than Just Jaws" Banners

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 This is a Banner pack. It comes with Two 24" PantyHeist stickers and a "Dropping More Than Just Jaws" banner for front windshields . We can make custom ones so contact us for sizes. Currently we offer them for S13, S14, R32 Skyline, E30, FC RX7,  

Directions of Use for Vinyl/ sticker products:

  1. Clean and dry surface you are going to apply sticker(s) to.
  2. Make sure the surface area is not extremely hot or extremely cold. Roughly between 50* to 85* degrees.
  3. Using a credit card rub over the clear transfer tape to ensure decal will transfer. (The see through material)
  4. Slowly peel away the transfer paper making sure the vinyl/ sticker stays on the transfer paper.
  5. Pick location of application and slowly apply one corner of the transfer paper with the vinyl on it to your desired location.
  6. Apply the rest of the sticker evenly using your credit card to flatten it out.
  7. Ask a friend to help for the larger stickers as in banners, etc.

Peel transfer tape slowly making sure the vinyl stuck to your surface.


We can NOT be held responsible for any damage or injury while using any of our products. Please purchase at your own risk. Email us for any questions